Just Regular Guys

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Thomas Hoenselaars and Jeroen Stam share a love for electronic music and share this with the world through their 2-man music production and DJ-ing collaborative called Just Regular Guys. They found each-other back in late 2009 while both working at Club Stalker, the oldest true nightclub in the Netherlands. Their mutual interest for the raw electronic sound made an instant click, and they found themselves teaming up as DJ’s soon thereafter to kill it in the dance-scene of their own town Haarlem. What started out small, grew larger and more banging shows followed in multiple Dutch cities. It didn’t stop at playing records. With the development of a signature DJ sound and style came the, for them, inevitable urge to create a true own sound and music. Which led them into their very own studio. Countless days and nights of tweaking and tuning, with endless ideas and an ambition to learn the true art of creating your own homemade sound resulted in multiple remixes and original tracks. Recently came their first official release, a remix of Amsterdam producer DoctR’s EP Nighttrain on the Dutch label Basserk. This is only just the beginning, and 2012 will be a great year full of producing and focus to share the love for making and playing their music with the party-scene.

Releases on GND Records:

The Sneekers – G.A.S. Remixes (Just Regular Guys Remix) (2012) (GN026)

Just Regular Guys – Charge EP (2012) (GN027)

Just Regular Guys – Aversion EP (2012) (GN031)

Just Regular Guys – What We Do EP (2013) (GN037)

Turbo Turbo & S-File – Headhunter Remixes (Just Regular Guys Remix) (2013) (GN046)

Just Regular Guys – Follow Me EP (2013) (GN054)