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Ben Sims droped a track from the forthcoming new Turbo Turbo EP Leitzeiten. Check the full tracklisting and Show here:

1 anthony naples – ? lp track. text
2 Nicson & An Gelo – Freek. MISTRESS 5.1
3 cuthead – Presets Of Your Mind. Sampling As An Art 003
4 steve murphy – shake it. vakum 002
5 Fabio MONESI – 7-00 am/Lucretio remix. Wilson
6 torben – torben 002/track 3. Box Aus Holz
8 Turbo_Turbo_-_Inner_Walls. gnd
9 tommy vicari jr – Sky’s Beginning To Bruise. discours 002
10 N – Y – X – Love Haze
11 adryiano – down south. soul notes 009 adryiano
12 Nitam – Exiam UNTERTON Nitam
13 gari romalis – d-town. vakum 002
15 keita sano – Butterfly. ROW 001
16 EARL JEFFERS – W Y M.ruff draft 006
17 Marquis_Hawkes_-_Jerk_U_Later. Houndstooth
18 ATTAN – Pendulum Ride. DAME MUSIC 029
20 the oliverwho factory-Black_Love Hangover mix. madd chase inc MCI-010
21 milos-A. MR001 milos
22 Gary Martin – This is it – Mark Broom remix MOTECH
23 floorplan – Ritual. m plant
24 Borrowed Identity – IrrC versible Borrowed Identity
25 Leandro_Gamez_-_Qssett_SUB001
26 Nino Sebelic – Transmitter Nino Sebelic
27 DJ T-1000 – Futurepast PURE SONIC 30
28 Yan Cook – Hidden. Weekend Circuit (WCR007)
29 Mike Gervais – Grind. MISTRESS 5.3
30 qindek – krux. wolfskuil wolf031
31 stenny – Hagale. ilian tape stenny
32 Patrik Carrera – Loop Mode (TWR72 Mix)
33 Eric Fetcher – Tracked. GLTD001
34 PHASE – Tunnel Vision TOKEN 52
35 insulate – epic_edit. drh
36 sev_dah – snaga. random_island_rino11
37 Discrete Circuit – Incursion. MISTRESS 5.2
38 Antonio De Angelis – Polar (Weekend Circuit _ WCR007)
39 Gerome_Sportelli_-_Ritual_(Ladislav_remix) CEL005
40 kike pravda – Inertial. FAUT
41 oscar mulero – stimulated reflex. pole group 31
42 A&S – Xenix. MISTRESS 5.3
43 Tadeo – Apollo 7. TOKEN
45 John Daly – 2. RUNNING BACK
46 Moteka – Texture47. new rhythmic
47 basic soul unit – delve into. dolly 021
48 Truncate – 86. UNRELEASED (TEST)
49 Kevin Arnemann – Lumie re
50 nummer – to the d. nummer 001
51 Norse_-_Kajak_12321 Norse
52 ?-STEVE TANG Broken Siren. EMPHASIS
53 ASOK – Interaction
54 Junes_-_Transfer
55 call super – from which i fell. nous 006
56 Route 8 – This Raw Feeling. LOBSTER THERAMIN
58 Dakini9 – Limbic Resonance. ?
59 Massiande – Stand. MOS
60 DJ Spider_Mysterious Structures on Mars. PLAN B
61 Daze – Neuromance
62 Nubo – TOP Dance ###1. UGFY 001 Nubo
63 Ajukaja & Andrevski-Mesilind. levels 004


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Mr Dave Clarke played one track from the forthcoming new S-File EP “Spandau90″ in his White Noise Radio Show. Release Date is digital on May the 11th and Vinyl later. More Previews coming very soon on our website! More early support is coming from James Ruskin, Mark Broom, Paul Mac, Nikola Gala, TWR72 and Agaric!


PREVIEW: Turbo Turbo – Leitzeiten EP (GN082)

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GN082Turbo Turbo – Leitzeiten EP (GN082)

Digital Release Date: 13.04.2015

Vinyl Release Date: May 2015

01. Leitzeiten (Original Mix)

02. Nite Roads (Original Mix)

03. Inner Walls (Original Mix) (Digital Release only)

Early Support: Luke Slater, Paul Mac, Groove Armada, Joseph Capriati, Tensnake, Digitalism, goldFFinch, Nphonix, Cochise, Shadow Dancer, S-File…

After their last Release “Mindset” and “Refractions” witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Truncate and Benjamin Damage to Thomas Schumacher and beyond), we are proud to present a brand new EP from Turbo Turbo. 3 excellent Techno and House tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. The two German brothers Bernd and Manfred hit with their Techno Sound the current nerve of the club scene. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from Turbo Turbo. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

OUT NOW: Kaptain Cadillac – Rubba Bands (GN080)

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GN080Kaptain Cadillac – Rubba Bands (GN080)

Digital Release Date: 16.03.2015

01. Rubba Bands (Original Mix)

02. Nobody (Original Mix)

After releases on his own imprint Booty Call Records, the French Producer Kaptain Cadillac release his new double tracker on GND Records. Rubba Bands and Nobody is called his new Single. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new release from the Kaptain. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud! You can catch also Kaptain Cadillac every month with his own Radio Show on Rinse FM France.

Buy Here (Beatport)

OUT NOW: This is GND – Best Remixes Vol. 2

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GNSAMP011V.A. – This is GND – Best Remixes Vol. 2 (GNSAMP011)

Release Date: 02.03.2015

Digital: Buy Here (Beatport)

Great Feedback about this compi from: Roberto Clementi, BrEaCh, Truss, Thomas Hessler, Toni Rios, Kyle Geiger, Moteka, Ben Mono, Tensnake…

01. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s Loop Remix)

02. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (joeFarr Remix)

03. Tutbo Turbo – Jack Your House (David Carretta Remix)

04. S-File – Modulate (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

05. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (Matrixxman Remix)

06. Mr Magnetik – Night Wolves (Chambray Remix)

07. Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

08. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

09. Hoshina Anniversary – Don’t Stop (Dimitri Veimar Remix)

10. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Deadwalkman Remix)


Cochise – Guest Mix for Coco Cole on Capital Xtra

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Cochise – Architeuthis
Roberto Capuano – Groovin’
Cochise – Lariosauro
Andrei Morant – Trash Talker
Cochise – Vatican 5 (Remix)
M. Fukuda – Put Back Man
Cochise – Cligno
Takaaki Itoh – Beat Tool 4
Peter Horrevorts – Evolver
Cochise – Come Surrogate
Sintoma – Your Control (a.paul remix)
Trevor Rockcliffe – Jack ya body (Mr G’s Remix)
Don Froth – Cosmo
Ryogo Yamamori – Circuit
Cochise – Honorius 3
Justin Kase – Interstellar Space Travel (Lance Blaise Remix)
Stephen Brown – Our Soul
Sanasol & Thor – Flush

PREVIEW: Cochise – Cligno EP (GN081)

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Cochise – Cligno EP (GN081)

Digital Release Date: 30.03.2015

01. Cligno (Original Mix)

02. Architeuthis (Original Mix)

03. Kouprey (Original Mix)

04. SP98 (Original Mix)

Early Support: Luke Slater, Unbalance, Raiz, Rolando, Maxime Dangles, Moteka, Joseph Capriati, Industrialyzer, Chris Colburn, Turbo Turbo, S-File…

After the big success of Cochise’s last two GND EP’s witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Luke Slater, Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Rolando and Truncate to Raiz, Unbalance, Mike Wall, Nikola Gala, Dan Curtin, Tensnake, Thomas Schumacher (voted him #1 in his Jan Charts), Flug, Mark Henning and beyond), we are proud to present his new EP. What can we say to his new EP? Brilliant again, but please listen to it self! We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from the french man. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

OUT NOW: Messiahwaits – Flashforward (GN079)

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GN079Messiahwaits – Flashforward (GN079)

Digital Release Date: 16.02.2015

01. Flashforward (Original Mix)

02. Cohesive Force (Original Mix)

Messiahwaits from Seoul (South Korea) is the latest addition to the GND Records roster. This is his debut release with two tracks. Flashforward and Cohesive Force is called his double A-Side Single that he produced in his two years stay in Berlin. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new release!

Buy Here (Beatport)