PREVIEW: Noizyknobs – Connections EP (GN095)

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ARTIST: NoizyKnobs
TITLE: Connections EP
LABEL: GND Records
RELEASE DATE: 30.10.2015 (Digital)

1. Error 01
2. First Step
3. This Way
4. Pressure

Support by Laurent Garnier, Truncate, Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, Raiz, Rolando, Roberto Clementi, Chymera, The Advent, Dan Curtin, Sasha Carassi, Nicole Moudaber, goldFFinch, Digitalism, Turbo Turbo, S-File, Paul Nazca, Raphael Dinscoy, Mumbai Science, B. Traits…

NoizyKnobs from Italy coming with a brand new EP on GND. After their last two GND EP’s witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Rolando, DJ Hyperactive, James Ruskin, Dan Curtin, Flug, Raiz, Doka, HD Substance and beyond), we are proud to present the new EP on GND. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from the NoizyKnobs.


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GND Radio Episode 06GND Radio – Episode #06

with a Guest Mix from Ritzi Lee

12.11.2015 (tracklist below)


The next show goes out on 26th November!

1st hour S-FILE

  1. Martyn – U1-U8 (Ostgut Ton)
  2. Shinedoe – Road 222 (Intacto)
  3. Yan Cook – Hacked (Reclaim Your City)
  4. Marco Bailey – Pere Lachaise (Rod Remix) (MBR)
  5. Arnaud Le Texier – Object (Affin)
  6. DJ Deep & Roman Poncet – Exsurgence (Reduced Mix) (Tresor)
  7. The Welderz – Sweep (Sleaze)
  8. Nazca – CCR (Anemone)
  9. Toms Due – The Bridge (Luca Agnelli Remix) (Etruria)
  10. Roijacker – Out of the Lights (Unsubscribe Remix) (Raar)
  11. Dax J – Protect the Prophecy (Monom Black)
  12. Revenant – Internal Shapes (ARTS)
  13. Patrick Bolton – Long Fuse (Autofake)
  14. Norberto Lusso – DK900 (CDR)
  15. Paul Mac – Post Summer (Stimulus)
  16. Moon – Ze Power (Frank Music)
  17. Paul Mac – Stripes (Stimulus)
  18. Mr G – Exit? (Phoenix)

2nd hour RITZI LEE

  1. Intro
  2. Timeblind – Missile
  3. untitled
  4. Ritzi Lee – untitled
  5. untitled
  6. Ritzi Lee – Subway Trip
  7. Barb Wired – Uneasy Rider
  8. James Ruskin – Shallow Pool
  9. Ritzi Lee – Detect Signal
  10. Power Cuts #4 – Tortured
  11. Paul Mac – Grind Returns (Ritzi Lee Remix)
  12. PAS – No Exit
  13. Diego – Fear and Tension
  14. Dave Ellesmere – untitled
  15. Ritzi Lee – Utility #1
  16. Victor M – Nine Street
  17. Ritzi Lee – District 68
  18. Ritzi Lee – S.O.S.
  19. untitled – black label
  20. Ritzi Lee – Reverse Processed
  21. Ritzi Lee – Blaster
  22. Ritzi Lee – Superluminal
  23. Jeff Mills – AX006-B
  24. James Ruskin – Cast down

GND RADIO #05 – YALEESA HALL (Will & Ink Records)

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GND Radio Episode 05GND Radio – Episode #05

with a Guest Mix from Yaleesa Hall (Will & Ink)

29.10.2015 (tracklist below)


The next show goes out on 13th November!

1st hour S-FILE

  1. Subversive – Domestique (VRV)
  2. Benjamin Damage – Parallax View (50Weapons)
  3. Altinbas – Imminent Probe (Float)
  4. Dave Tarrida – Big Bad Wolf (Autofake)
  5. Mr G – Exit? (Phoenix G)
  6. Andrei Morant – Miles (4Track)
  7. Doka – Bliss (Gynoid)
  8. Morgan – We Dance in Black (The Welderz Remix) (Unknown Territory)
  9. Cochise – Gazeka (GND Records)
  10. Oli Furness – Crash Gordon (Music is Love)
  11. The Welderz – Sweep (Sleaze)
  12. Yaleesa Hall – Third Perrin (Will & Ink)
  13. Samuel L Session – Fat Wiggler (Body Mix) (Motech)
  14. Andrei Morant – Negative Geometry (Owen Sands Remix) (Ill Bomb)
  15. Makaton – 4 Point Suspension (Blueprint)
  16. Servent – Subdivision (Downstream)
  17. Turbo Turbo – Bunker Rehearsal (GND Records)
  18. Acid Witch – Acid Witch Theme (Yo Sucka)
  19. S-File – Bleaching (GND Records)
  20. Turbo Turbo – Headway (GND Records)
  21. Rekord 61 – Vremya (Rolando Remix) (Konstruktiv)
  22. Maelstrom – Fission (Zone)
  23. Patrick Bolton – Long Fuse (Autofake)
  24. Viers – SMS (Naked Naked)

2nd hour YALEESA HALL (Will & Ink Records)

  1. DJ T-1000 – A Sexy Little Homewrecker
  2. Surgeon – La Real B1
  3. Jet Set – Mighty
  4. Oliver Ho – Untitled A2
  5. Grain – untitled B2
  6. Niteworks – Bullet Proof
  7. Will & Ink – First Wilson (Yaleesa Hall Remix)
  8. Damon Wild – Opaque (Surgeon Remix)
  9. Cerrone – Discursive
  10. Will & Ink – First Fermat
  11. Geatano Parisio – Untitled A1
  12. Damon Wild – Omni
  13. Lost Recordings – Karakter
  14. Yaleesa Hall – First Perrin

OUT NOW: 12inc Spandau90 and Bleaching

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Finally arrived in our stock and ready for ship on monday, the 12inc of S-File „Spandau90“ and „Bleaching“. Support is still coming from Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Raiz, Marcel Fengler and many more…

Grab your Copy here:
GND Store:

GND Radio #04 – Turbo Turbo

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GND Radio Episode 04

GND Radio – Episode #04

with a Guest Mix from Turbo Turbo

15.10.2015 (tracklist below)


The next show goes out on 29th October!

1st hour S-FILE

  1. Laurent Garnier – Wake Up (F Communications) (1994)
  2. Octave One Feat. Random Noise Generation Love and Hate (Westlab Mix) (Tresor) (2006)
  3. Jeff Mills – Cubango (Purpose Maker) (1997)
  4. The Advent – The Vault (Tresor) (2002)
  5. Electric Deluxe – Electric Deluxe (Plus8) (2000)
  6. Outlander – Vamp (R&S) (1991)
  7. Dave Clarke – Protective Custody (Bush) (1994)
  8. Laurent Garnier – Crispy Bacon (F Communications) (1997)
  9. DJ Rush – Sex Me all Nite long (Charlie Hall Mix) (Pro-Jex) (2004)
  10. Mike Dearborn – An Acid Memory (Djax Up) (1995)
  11. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim – Access (X-Trax) (1995)
  12. Drax Ltd. II – Amphetamine (Trope) (1994)
  13. JB3 – Forklift (Classic 93 Mix) (Novamute) (1993)
  14. QX1 – Wild Child (Rhythm Beat) (1991)
  15. Joey Beltram – Game Form (Robert Armani Remix) (Tresor) (1995)
  16. Steve Pointdexter – Work That Motherfucker (Muzique) (1989)
  17. Capricorn – 20Hz (R&S) (1993)
  18. Lemon8 – Model8 (Lemon8 Remix) (Plus8) (1993)
  19. Robert Armani – Ambulance (Dance Mania) (1991)
  20. Green Velvet – Flash (Cajual) (1995)
  21. Plastikman – Spastik (Novamute) (1993)
  22. DJ Skull – The Graveyard Orchestra (Djax Up) (1995)


2nd hour TURBO TURBO

  1. Joachim Spieth – Never Mind (Affin)
  2. Setaoc Mass – Ulterior Motive (Work Them Records)
  3. Turbo Turbo – Bunker Rehearsal (GND Records)
  4. Altinbas – Imminent Probe (Float Records)
  5. Roman Lindau – Blue Jive (Matter)
  6. Nikola Gala – Mind Meld 1 (Republic Artists)
  7. Turbo Turbo – Headway (GND Records)
  8. Emmanuel – Contrane (Man Worships Power)
  9. Flug – Drones (Format Records)
  10. Ron Bacardi – Going Down (Karlovak)
  11. Turbo Turbo – Phylta Work (GND Records)
  12. Shekon – One Vs One (Flash Recordings)
  13. Clip – Forward (Fina Records)
  14. Privacy – Apex Predator (Lobster Theremin)
  15. Cochise – Gazeka (GND Records)


PREVIEW: Turbo Turbo – Headway EP (GN093)

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GN093ARTIST: Turbo Turbo
TITLE: Headway EP
LABEL: GND Records
RELEASE DATE: 26.10.2015 (Digital) & Jan 2016 (Vinyl)

1. Headway
2. Bunker Rehearsal
3. Phylta Work

Support by Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, RØDHÅD, Truncate, Rolando, Raiz, Marcel Fengler, Claude Young, HD Substance, Paul Mac, S-File, goldFFinch, Thomas Schumacher, Dave Tarrida, Raphael Dinscoy, Ben Mono, Paul Nazca, Madben, Dr Motte, Digitalism, Coco Cole, Mamiko Motto…

After their last amazing „Leitzeiten EP“ witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Truncate and Green Velvet to Groove Armada and beyond), we are proud to present the brand new EP from Turbo Turbo. 3 excellent Techno and House tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. The two German brothers Bernd and Manfred hit with their Techno Sound the current nerve of the club scene. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from Turbo Turbo. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

OUT NOW: Cochise – Gazeka EP (GN092)

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GN092Cochise – Gazeka EP (GN092)

Digital Release Date: 12.10.2015

01. Gazeka (Original Mix)

02. Praseodimio (Original Mix)

03. Spatioport (Original Mix)

Support by Marcel Fengler, Rolando, Truncate, DJ Hyperactive, James Ruskin, Raiz, Dan Curtin, Jay Denham, Sasha Carassi, goldFFinch, HD Substance, Joseph Capriati, Paul Nazca, Justin Kase, Turbo Turbo, S-File, Moteka, Ben Mono, Boriqua Tribez, Nphonix, Raphael Dinscoy…

After the big success of Cochise’s last EP’s witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Rolando, Luke Slater, Mark Broom and Truncate to Raiz, Unbalance, Nikola Gala, Dan Curtin, Flug, Mark Henning and beyond), we are proud to present his new EP. What can we say to his new EP? Brilliant again, but please listen to it self! We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from the french man. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Marcel Fengler: Thanks! Will play all of them.

Truncate: Solid tracks again! Thanks!

DJ Hyperactive: Feeling Spatioport

James Ruskin: Spatioport for me….Thanks!!!

Rolando: Gazeka & Praseodimio are both Rockin‘!..Will try these ones out for sure…

Raiz: Gazeka and Spatioport are dope

Sasha Carassi: Solid!

Jay Denham: Love Gazeka!

Dan Curtin: Gazeeka is no joke, straight to the point like I like it, will absolutely be rocking this one…broken beats in Spatioport add some flavor and still very playable, and that laid back groove and old school beats of Praseodimio are prefect for when things get a little hectic and people need to chill for second while at the same time keeping them up and hyped…

Turbo Turbo: excellent ep as always from cochise!

Paul Nazca: Fan of Cochise! very good techno music…Support of course….Paul

Raphael Dinscoy: big tunes here

HD Substance: Good chords again

Moteka: Spatioport is nice ! The rest is not for me…

Ben Sims & Dave Clarke supporting Turbo Turbo EP

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We are proud to see, that the new Turbo Turbo EP is supporting from DJ’s around the globe from Rodhad, Rolando, Marcel Fengler, Raiz, Paul Mac to Dave Clarke and Ben Sims. The „Headway EP“ is coming out end of October. Previews on our Soundcloud coming very soon.