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S-File did a Edit of Robert Hoods’s Floorplan „Never Grow Old“. Last weekend Dave Clarke played this in Dublin on the 500 White Noise Show Party. More plays coming from Adam Beyer, Truncate, Dan Curtin, Rolando, Gerd and more.

Deadwalkman – La X Mas Radio Mix

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Heimcomputer – Kraftwerk (Deadwalkman Edit)
Need Electric – Daniel Avery
Black Russian – DVS1
Repeater – Housemeister
Dubetube – Fabian Feyerabendt
Fantasia – KiNK (Truncate Remix)
Lordpole – Roberto Clementi
The Sound Of Saturn – Deadwalkman
All Those Moments – Florian Meindl
Avant Que – Mike Dehnert
Nite Roads – Turbo Turbo
CMD – Klienfeld
Ausgang – Deadwalkman
Venus – DJ Hyperactive (Truncate Remix)
Ready2Go – Danny Daze
Chord Kaoss – Mark Fanciulli

OUT NOW: Leitzeiten // Nite Roads (12inc)

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Nite Roads VinylTurbo Turbo – Leitzeiten (GN082)

Digital Release Date: 13.04.2015

Vinyl Release Date: 22.07.2015

01. Nite Roads (Original Mix)

02. Leitzeiten (Original Mix)

Support by Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Green Velvet, Unbalance, Paul Mac, Dan Curtin, Groove Armada, Agaric, Farceb, Joseph Capriati, Boys Noize, Tensnake, Digitalism, Peter Echoplex, goldFFinch, Nphonix, Cochise, Shadow Dancer, S-File, Zombie Nation, Paul Nazca, Chicago Loop…

After their last Release “Mindset” and “Refractions” witch was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Truncate and Benjamin Damage to Thomas Schumacher and beyond), we are proud to present a brand new EP from Turbo Turbo. 3 excellent Techno and House tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. The two German brothers Bernd and Manfred hit with their Techno Sound the current nerve of the club scene. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from Turbo Turbo. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Buy Here (Juno)

Buy Here (Deejay.de)

Buy Here (GND Store)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Ben Sims: inner walls for me, thx!

Dave Clarke: nice little mixer!

Luke Slater: support. thanks!

Green Velvet: inner walls for me

Dan Curtin: these are slamming, will be playing all, nice!

Tensnake: nite roads is nice

Thomas Schumacher: Inner Walls for me. Fantastic track, totally digging the vibe

Unbalance: Leitzeiten is punchy gem for ravers, thanks.

Agaric: Inner walls and Nite roads for me, thanks

Peter Echoplex: Leitzeiten works perfect for my sets. Will play this thanks!

Paul Mac: All 3 tracks here are nice DJ tool style things will definitely get some action from me

Cochise: leitzeiten & nite roads are great

Groove Armada: Nite roads is wicked, the sort of techno i can 100% drop, great EP…..

Shadow Dancer: Firing techno EP, with nice flecks of melody – looking forward to getting my hands on the 12″

Dr Motte: you kill me with „leitzeiten“! excellent

Farceb: Leitzeiten is great!! nice ep

Justin Kase: Leitzeiten is a bomb! Definitely gonna drop this one.


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GN087Deadwalkman – The Sound of Saturn (GN087)

Digital Release Date: 20.07.2015

01. The Sound of Saturn (Original Mix)

02. Ausgang (Original Mix)

Support by Digitalism, Surkin, Tiga, Housemeister, Mamiko Motto, Dave Tarrida, Louisahhh, Shadow Dancer, Mixhell, Dr. Motte….

Alex Sanchez, better known as DeadWalkman, started his musical career in 1995, in Colombia where both the Rock as Folk, dominated all scenarios. Broke with his band after 10 years which tried to fuse rock with strong electronic lines. He was in the most important festivals in South America, recording 3 albums and adding more than 150 concerts and presentations. DeadWalkman left the band to start his way alone. After making over 200 songs for Latin America and the world came to receive awards at Cannes and London Festival and over 45 awards in Colombia. As an artist and musical director, decides to reinvent himself as DeadWalkman in 2011. Returning to the roots of electronic music like Kraftwerk, Dopplereffekt, Juan Atkins and Aux 88 – among others – Starts with producing an EP of 6 tracks.After playing in the most prestigious clubs in Bogotá and in the most important electronic music festivals in Colombia , decides to take a  break to focus on the production of new original material. The result is a new Single on GND with 2 new Tracks. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about his first Single on GND Records.

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Digitalism: cool

Louisahhh: keep up the great a & r gnd!

Dr Motte: Deadwalkman on GND records. Full support! For us label of the year 2015!

Mamiko Motto: sikkkk

Shadow Dancer: Cool bleepy techno with The Sound of Saturn, and Moroder-like riff in Ausgang! Great to see deadwalkman on GND

Housemeister: Super!!!

PREVIEW: Benway – Just1 (GN088)

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GN088Benway – Just1 (GN088)

Digital Release Date: 03.08.2015

01. Just1 (Original Mix)

02. Breakstuffmakestuff (Original Mix)

03. Mercibo (Original Mix)

Support by Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Laurent Garnier, Truncate, Paul Mac, Psycatron, Madben, DJ Feadz, Moteka…

Nphonix aka Benway from Russia is coming with a brilliant 3 Track Release on GND. His last releases on Tripo’s Imprint Balans and „Tactix“ on Audio Culture was supported by Ben Sims, Laurent Garnier, Slam, Exium, Terence Fixmer, Speedy J, DVS1, Unbalance, Gary Beck, Par Grindvik, Samuel L Session, Audio Injection/Truncate, Tommy Four Seven, Alan Fitzpatrick, Samuli Kemppi, Pfirter, Om Unit, Paul Mac, Darko Esser/Tripeo, Martyn, Alex Coulton, Objekt,Dexter, Happa, Dario Zenker and many many more to name a few. We are proud to present his new release with his Side Project Benway on GND. 3 excellent tunes that blow the dance floors all over the world away. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new EP from Nphonix aka Benway. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!


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01. J. Albert – We Know (Exotic Dance)
02. Kyodai – You know it (Room with a View)
03. Marcman – Trans (Dirty Session)
04. D-Know – Out there (Dan Curtin Remix) (EPM)
05. Aphrohead – Let’s Prance (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix) (Crosstown Rebels)
06. Laurent Garnier – Boom (Traumer Remix) (Fnac)
07. NoizyKnobs – Fast (GND Records)
08. Geeeman – Wanna Go Bang (Alden Tyrell Remix) (Aus)
09. S-File – Spandau90 (GND Records)
10. Miss Sunshine – The Time is now (Coincidence)

Slam Radio #146 – Raiz

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01. SECT – ‘Liquid Truth’ (SECT)
02. Jordan Peak – ‘Black Paint’ (Balans Records)
03. D-Knox – ‘Out There’ (EPM Music)
04. Lee Van Dowski, Dean Demanuele – ‘Foo Gas’ (Intacto Records)
05. Abstract Division – ‘Metropolis (Trolley Route Remix)’ (Dynamic Reflection)
06. Kessell – ‘Arcano’ (Granulart Recordings)
07. Myles Sergé – ‘Axial Pitch’ (Pushmaster Discs)
08. Robert S (PT) – ‘The Void From Planet’ (Black Brook Limited)
09. Somewhen – ‘Ecsit’ (Sana)
10. Raíz – ‘Untitled’
11. The Advent –‘In Search’ (Kombination Research)
12. NoizyKnobs – ‘Macomb’ (GND Records)
13. Steve Murphy – ‘Tentacles Loop #2’ (Lobster Theremin)
14. Vincent Vidal – ‘Huntsman’ (ARTS)
15. Echoplex – ‘Tokyo Fireworks (Chapter 2)’ (Soleil De Nuit Records)
16. Andrei Morant – ‘Millenium (Milkplant_Remix)’ (FROM 0 -1)
17. DYAD – ‘Enclosed’ (DYAD)
18. Xiantek – ‘Everything (Chris Colburn Remix)’ ( Vector Functions Records)
19. Zp. aka Z.I.P.P.O – ‘Insomnia’ (Enemy Records)
20. drumcell – ‘Wonderbacks (Raíz Remix)’ (CLR (Official))
21. JohnDaly – ‘26’ (Running Back)
22. Fixeer – ‘Fragment’ (B55 RECORDS)
23. M1, Matteo DiMarr – ‘Dirty Five’ (ReInvent Music Group)
24. Robert Armani – ‘Kick’ (Dance Mania Records)
25. Raíz – ‘Untitled’ (VRV)
26. Archetype – ‘Persistence of Vision’ (Black Nation Records)
27. Rhythmic Theory – ‘Shores of Caladan’ (Ancient Monarchy)


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GN086NoizyKnobs – Macomb EP (GN086)

Digital Release Date: 06.07.2015

01. Macomb (Original Mix)

02. Really Deep (Original Mix)

03. Rough (Original Mix)

Support by Mark Broom, Dan Curtin, Flug, Raiz, Dan Curtin, Doka, HD Substance, Rizi Lee, Paul Nazca, Joseph Capriati, Turbo Turbo, S-File, Deadwalkman, J Tijn, Nphonix, Dave Tarrida, Tiga, Louisahhh, Mamiko Motto, Boriqua Tribez, Justin Kase, Folker Zwart, Mixhell, Shadow Dancer, Scan Mode, Dr Motte…

NoizyKnobs from Torino Italy are the latest addition to the GND Records roster. Macomb called their first EP on GND and it’s a bunch with full of bangers! This record have everything what you need for your Prime Time Set. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new release! Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Mark Broom: Solid Ep, will get use out of all three!

Dan Curtin: Heat. This label does not disappoint. Each one sounds great but I’m especially into Rogue which as exactly the kind of drive and intensity that I like in my sets

Flug: Macomb for me

Raiz: those stabs on macomb are hittin hard!

Doka: Bangers! will try Macomb and Rogue. Thank you

HD Substance: nice chord action

Ritzi Lee: Nice mixwork on Rogue

Tiga: serious!


Justin Kase: I like the old school feel of Macomb. Thanks for the music!

Turbo Turbo: top techno tunes! love them all :)


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GNSAMP012V.A. – This is GND Vol. 4 (GNSAMP012)

Release Date: 15.06.2015

Digital: Buy Here (Beatport)

Great Feedback about this Compilation from: Marcel Fengler, Truss, Dan Curtin, HD Substance, Nicole Moudaber, Brian Cheetham, Moteka, Avgusto, Ben Mono, Paul Nazca, Housemeister, Coco Cole, Jamiaca Suk, Mamiko Motto, Raphael Dinscoy, Mixhell, Justin Kase, Louisahhh…

01. Cochise – Radon (Original Mix)

02. S-File – No Reply (Original Mix)

03. Turbo Turbo – Mindset (Original Mix)

04. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Original Mix)

05. Cochise – Com Surrogate (Original Mix)

06. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Refusion (Original Mix)

07. Mr. Magnetik – Sef Destruction (Original Mix)

08. Jensen Interceptor & CraiG Williams – Divide (Original Mix)

09. Turbo Turbo – Promethan (Original Mix)

10. S-File – Overdub (Original Mix)

11. Mr. Magnetik – Night Wolves (Original Mix)

12. This is GND Vol. 4 DJ Mix by S-File