Cochise – Radon EP Release Mixtape

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  1. Cochise – Permicode
  2. SERi, M.Fukuda – Acid Room 8
  3. Alexander Harre – Tango Down (Andrei Morant remix)
  4. Petter B – Edit Pilaf
  5. Cari Lekebusch – Art of Technology
  6. Ricardo Garduno – Patience
  7. Justin Kase – Seven Cities
  8. Cochise – Radon
  9. Dj Emerson – Audiopot (Flug remix)
  10. Westboy – Green Illusion (Truncate Remix)
  11. Braincell – Dying world
  12. Rhythm Masters – Underground (Trevor Rockcliffe’s 2001 disko mix)
  13. Johan Afterglow – Hagelbrakare (Damon Wild remix)
  14. Exium – Complex (Rolando remix)
  15. Chris Colburn – Monkey Puzzle
  16. Alex Falk – Clinch (Urbano remix)
  17. G-man – Fuschia
  18. Santos Rodriguez – Road to Rio a2
  19. HU – Metla
  20. Diego – Mind Detergent (Robert Hood remix)
  21. Fumiya Tanaka – Away
  22. Link – Amenity

OUT NOW: This is GND – Best Remixes

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GNSAMP010V.A. – This is GND – Best Remixes (GNSAMP010)

Release Date: 15.12.2014

Digital: Buy Here (Beatport)

01. Shadow Dancer – Shake (The Hacker Remix)

02. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D Remix)

03. S-File – Modulate (The Japanese Popstars Remix)

04. Mr. Magnetik – Self Destruction (joeFarr Remix)

05. Shadow Dancer – Unspeakable Things (Paul Mac Remix)

06. Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)

07. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Headhunter (Shadow Dancer Remix)

08. S-File – Modulate (Kamikaze Space Programme Remix)

09. Mr. Magnetik – Night Wolves (DeFeKT Remix)

10. The Sneekers – G.A.S. (Alex Gopher Remix)

11. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Mark Broom’s D Remix)

12. Shadow Dancer – Shake (Vin Sol Remix)

13. The Sneekers – Poly Poly (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

14. Hoshina Anniversary – Don’t Stop (Jensen Interceptor Remix)

OUT NOW: Cochise – Radon EP (GN075)

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Cochise – Radon EP (GN075)

Digital Release Date: 17.11.2014

01. Radon (Original Mix)

02. Bet (Original Mix)

03. Com Surrogate (Original Mix)

04. Permicode (Original Mix)

Support: Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Truncate, Raiz, Unbalance, Industrialyzer, Phon.O, Florian Meindl, Nphonix, J Tijn, Scan Mode, goldFFinch, Shadow Dancer, Ben Mono, DJ Feadz, Fake Blood, Mixhell, The Japanese Popstars, S-File, Turbo Turbo, Chicago Loop, Louisahhh, Les Petits Pilous, Sharooz, Don Rimini, Craig Williams, Baadman…

After own releases and remixes for labels like ADD Cat, Institubes or Marble, the young french producer Cochise debuts with his new EP on GND Records. Radon is called his new EP and he delivered us a 4 heavy track EP. All tracks are pure dance floor killer and we hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new release from Cochise. His next EP is coming too on GND end of January 2015. Keep your eyes open for this very talented producer!

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Mark Broom: Massive EP. Bet is on fire! great stuff here!

Ben Sims: I’ll try Radon!

Truncate: Phat!

Raiz: Bet is a funky jam, will try it out thanks

Unbalance: Festival techno as it is!

Florian Meindl: Radon is cool

Phon.O: Com Surrogate is great

Ben Mono: huge release, loving Radon

goldFFinch: feeling radon!

IndustrialyzerRadon is the one for me

Shadow Dancer: Don’t know much about this guy but this is a quality EP! Permicode is my favourite, nice organic sound, quirky stabs and rumbling bass.

J TijnPermicode is the one!

Nphonix: Com Surrogate – sick tune! Radone is nice too.

Turbo Turbostunning ep! every track is gold!

The Japanese Popstars: Loving this techno, Radon is my standout, will be playing this

Kaptain Cadillac: Dope Release, full support

Dr MotteI’m sorry. I’m a huge fan of GND records. Here is COCHISE! 5/5!


OUT NOW: S-File – No Reply (12inc)

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S-File – No Reply (GN071)

Digital Release Date: 01.09.2014

Vinyl Release Date: 10.11.2014

01. No Reply (Original Mix)

Support by Dave Clarke, Luke Slater, Gerd, Mark Broom, Truncate, Damon Wild, The Advent, Joseph Capriati, Electric Rescue, Erol Alkan, J Tijn, Nphonix, Chris Colburn, Thomas Schumacher, Miss Sunshine, Paula Temple, Florian Meindl, Phon.O, Digitalism, Mixhell, David Carretta, Shadow Dancer, Turbo Turbo, Chicago Loop, The Japanese Popstars, Louisahhh, Maelstrom, Jensen Interceptor, Sinden, Housemeister, Modek, Don Rimini, Les Petits Pilous..

Label Head S-File returns with his new two track techno banger release “No Reply” and “Bliss”. His last collab release with the german Turbo Turbo brothers “Contact”, was a charted in all digital and vinyl shop sales charts and was supported from Tiga, Brodinski, David Carretta over to Fatboy Slim. His new double A Side Single blows everybody on the dance floor away!

Buy Here (Juno)

Buy Here (

Buy Here (Decks)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Dave Clarke: Nothing wrong with some old school peak time banger

Luke Slater: No reply for me!

Mark Broom: Two bangers here, my fav is No Reply, BIG stuff!

Truncate: No Reply for me

The Advent: Great release, will play for sure.

Electric Rescue: nice release, support!

Gerd: banging trax!

Thomas Schumacher: No Reply is one hell of a track. Love the old school chords!

Phon.O (50Weapons): no reply is killer!!!

Florian Meindl: No Reply is cool will play it!

Dr Motte: GND comes with a killer Bomb! S-File rocks better then ever! Will Play & Support

Shadow Dancer: Both tracks are cool but No Reply is absolutely storming! Fantastic percussion, can’t wait to try out in the club!

Paula Temple: massive. rides and drums are killer in No Reply

Miss Sunshine: No Reply – Stomping!

Louisahhh: tough tough tough tough tough tough

Nphonix: No Reply is a proper banger, exactly the way i like it!

Chris Colburn: nice work – will test out Bliss, the more twisted one!

Chicago Loop: Wow! Really great release. Love them both, but if I had to choose, Bliss is my favourite. Thanks a lot :)

OUT NOW: KMRT – Conquer EP (GN074)

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KMRT – Conquer EP (GN074)

Digital Release Date: 03.11.2014

01.Conquer (Original Mix)

02. Anxiety (S-File Edit)

03. Anxiety (Original Mix)

04. Relieve (Original Mix)

Support by Paul Mac, goldFFinch, J Tijn, Joseph Capriati, Shadow Dancer, Mixhell, David Carretta, Dimitri Veimar, The Japanese Popstars, Turbo Turbo, S-File, Modek…

From the new US Techno City Los Angeles Calfiforna, we present you the young producer KMRT. Kristian Martinez delieverd us a huge 3 Track EP. We present you one of the main tracks “Anxiety” with a special DJ Friendly S-File Edit. We think that it’s def. a Hot Shot for your DJ Box!

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Paul Mac: Liking the S-File edit pure big room Acid Vibes

goldFFinch: feeling conquer and sfile mix of anxiety

J Tijn: Loving Relieve and both versions of Anxiety

Shadow Dancer: Hard hitting techno EP. Love the melodic raps in Anxiety and the no-nonsense S-File edit is cool for the dancefloor too!

Mixhell: solid stabbage ;)

The Japanese Popstars: All tracks are big, strong EP

Dimitri Veimar: this is killer release!

David Carretta: great techno tracks !! love it

Les Petits Pilous: Great Tools ! Luv



S-File – November 14 Mixtape

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November 14

01. Spencer Parker – Spacial (Answer Code Request Remix)
02. Cochise – Radon (GND Records)
03. Fjaak – The Wind (50Weapons)
04. Mark Broom – BC5 (Bek Audio)
05. Vokhinne – Creole Rhythm
06. Nikola Gala – Off White
07. Folker Zwart – Shade 1
08. Peter Kneer – Dice
09. Mark Broom & Gary Beck – Borders (Bek Audio)
10. Turbo Turbo – Refractions (GND Records)
11. Alan Fitzpatrick – Confessions of a wanted Man (Benjamin Damage Remix) (Drumcode)
12. Cochise – Bet (GND Records)
13. Drax – Phosphene (Perc & Truss Remix) (Perc Trax)
14. Voiski – A Star in Your Head
15. TWR72 – One (Float)
16. Luke Solomon – R U Ready? (Benjamin Damage Remix)
17. Melja – Steady Mobbin’
18. Distant Echoes – Road
19. Ricky Tinez – Num1tape