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GNSAMP012V.A. – This is GND Vol. 4 (GNSAMP012)

Release Date: 15.06.2015

Digital: Buy Here (Beatport)

Great Feedback about this Compilation from: Marcel Fengler, Truss, Dan Curtin, HD Substance, Nicole Moudaber, Brian Cheetham, Moteka, Avgusto, Ben Mono, Paul Nazca, Housemeister, Coco Cole, Jamiaca Suk, Mamiko Motto, Raphael Dinscoy, Mixhell, Justin Kase, Louisahhh…

01. Cochise – Radon (Original Mix)

02. S-File – No Reply (Original Mix)

03. Turbo Turbo – Mindset (Original Mix)

04. Shadow Dancer – Strut (Original Mix)

05. Cochise – Com Surrogate (Original Mix)

06. Turbo Turbo & S-File – Refusion (Original Mix)

07. Mr. Magnetik – Sef Destruction (Original Mix)

08. Jensen Interceptor & CraiG Williams – Divide (Original Mix)

09. Turbo Turbo – Promethan (Original Mix)

10. S-File – Overdub (Original Mix)

11. Mr. Magnetik – Night Wolves (Original Mix)

12. This is GND Vol. 4 DJ Mix by S-File


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GN086Support by Mark Broom, Flug, Raiz, Dan Curtin, Doka, HD Substance, Rizi Lee, Joseph Capriati, Turbo Turbo, Deadwalkman, J Tijn, Nphonix, Dave Tarrida, Tiga, Louisahhh, Mamiko Motto, Justin Kase, Mixhell, Shadow Dancer, Scan Mode…

NoizyKnobs from Torino Italy are the latest addition to the GND Records roster. Macomb called their first EP on GND and it’s a bunch with full of bangers! This record have everything what you need for your Prime Time Set. We hope that you are as much excited as we are about this new release! Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Artist: NoizyKnobs
Titel: Macomb EP
Cat. No: GN086
Release Date: 06.07.2015 (Digital)

01. Macomb
02. Really Deep
03. Rogue

S-File – JUNE 15 MIX

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June 2015 Mixtape

01. Adryiano – Down South (Soul Notes)
02. A Scott & Chad – Mrs J (Constant Remix) (Constant Sound)
03. Truncate – Mira Mar (Grindvik and Zahn Remix) (Truncate)
04. Benway – Just1 (GND Records)
05. Patrick Bolton – Elusive (Sonntag Morgen)
06. Onno – Come on (Truesoul)
07. Developer – Power Dynamics (Modularz)
08. J. Tijn – Pick your Battles (Naked Naked)
09. Jonas Kopp – CE-5 (Ear to Ground)
10. Dave Tarrida – Grief (Autofake)
11. Callum Plant – Synonym (Re:Axis Remix) (Ill Bomb)
12. Mark Broom – Involver (Beardman)
13. Laurent Garnier – Boom (Traumer Remix) (Fnac)
14. S-File – Bleaching (GND Records)
15. NoizyKnobs – Wood (GND Records)
16. Traumer – Chord SC (Skryptom)
17. Cochise – Radon (Electric Rescue V2 Remix) (GND Records)
18. D Leria – Lost in Memories (Android Muzique)
19. Ben Sims – Move That Thang (Karvalok)
20. Maxime Dangles – Ventricule (Skryptom)
21. QX1 – Wild Child (Rhythm Beat) (1991)
22. Trevino – Eclipse (Klockworks)


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Do you remember to Mr Magnetik’s first GND EP in 2013? The Belgian Video Director „Hero“ created the Official Video to the Titel Track „Dark Gloves“. Watch here the result of this great Video!

OUT NOW: Cochise – Radon Remixes (GN085)

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GN085Cochise – Radon Remixes (GN085)

Digital Release Date: 01.06.2015

Vinyl Release Date: August 2015

01. Radon (Mark Broom Dubplate Edit)

02. Radon (Moteka Remix)

03. Radon (Electric Rescue V1 Remix)

04. Radon (Electric Rescue V2 Remix)

05. Radon (Cochise Remix)

Support by Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Truncate, Gary Beck, DJ Hyperactive, Rolando, Flug, Raiz, A. Paul, Doka, Monika Kruse, Cari Leckebusch, Unbalance, Benjamin Damage, Arnaud Le Texier, Kyle Geiger, Thomas Hessler, Dan Curtin, Sleeparchive, Locomatica, HD Substance, Mark Henning, Maxime Dangles, The Advent, Tiga, Ritzi Lee, Joseph Capriati, goldFFinch, S-File, Turbo Turbo, Nphonix, Paul Nazca, Madben, Folker Zwart, Dave Tarrida, Justin Kase, NoizyKnobs, Mixhell, Jamaica Suk, Mamiko Motto, Louisahhh, Scan Mode, Dr Motte, Coco Cole, Messiahwaits…

Cochise is on Fire! 3 EP’s in 6 months and now a huge Remix Single of the main track of his first GND EP – Radon. Radon was widely supported by artists around the globe (from Ben Sims, Mark Broom, Truncate, Unbalance, Florian Meindl, Industrialyzer, Raiz and beyond), we are proud to present the Radon Remixes. The remixes on the release are delivered by Mark Broom (who are better known with releases on Non Series, Bek Audio, AFU and the James Ruskin Imprint “Blueprint Records”), Electric Rescue (who is better known with releases on Skryptom, Affin, Flash Recordings, Sleaze, Arts and Herzblut), Moteka (who is better known with releases on Children of Tomorrow, Flash Recordings, Newrhythmic and Among) and a special bonus remix from Cochise himself that we release as digital only. Pick up you favorite track and play them loud!

Buy Here (Beatport)

The DJ’s say (Selection):

Ben Sims: brooms mix works best for me, thx!

James Ruskin: Broom Mix for me…Thanks

Truncate: Mark Broom does no wrong!

DJ Hyperactive: all tracks slammin……solid release. will play these no doubt. Thx!

Gary Beck: excellent remix by mark, thx

Rolando: Very solid package. Hard to pick a favourite as all remixes are slammin

Doka: Will play the Mark Broom and Electric rescue V1 remix! Thank you

A. Paul: Moteka Remix for me. thanks

Flug: Cochise remix for me, thanks

Raiz: moteka and chichise’s remixes are the standouts on this one thanks!

Dan Curtin: All sound good but I’m especially in to the Cochise and Mark Broom remixes, definitely playing these two..

Maxime Dangles: nice remix pack, i play already electric rescue remix 😉

Monika Kruse: mark broom remix is nice

Cari Leckebusch: Mark’s remix is snagged and will be flaunted asap!

Thomas Hessler: nice one!

Benjamin Damage: Good release

HD Substance: solid release …full support

Sleeparchive: fantastic release !!!

Mark Henning: nice! digging the electric rescue v1 and cochise remix!

Kyle Geiger: Really strong remix bundle!

Locomatica: Lovely! Electric Rescue V1 for us this time! Thank you!

Dr Motte: HOT! This is tehno the way I love it! Full support! 5/5

Shadow Dancer: Heavy and imposing Mark Broom edit – of his usual high standard! Infant all the remixes are great, nice pack!

Turbo Turbo: boooom! wicked release, loving the mark broom and moteka remixes!!



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New Resident Advisor​ Charts from Truncate​ incl. our next release from Cochise​ with his own remix of Radon. You find more remixes on the release from Mark Brom, Electric Rescue and Moteka!